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This selection of our clipart can be engraved on most of our range.
Simply select the clipart option when you view the individual product.
You can normally also include an additional one line of text

Note that these are thumbnail images - our original artwork is high resolution.
Numbers 1 to 7 relate to love and romance and are
Haikus (a form of short poem originated in Japan)
poem1 Peeling your apple,
In an unbroken spiral,
Our feet get tangled.
poem2 Within your garden,
I gently kiss the sweetest dew,
from your soft tulips.
poem3 Stability lost,
Quaking at your touch,
I am liquid, am lava.
poem4 Images can be,
So can words,
Tell me with touch,
the truth of your soul.
poem5 Firefly finds his love,
they settle into grass,
poem6 Caress me softly,
Melt me with your liquid touch,
I, too surrender.
poem7 I feel your hand love,
As I walk the paths of life,
Gently holding mine.